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A Classic Rock multi-bandom fic rec community

switchboardrock is a place to post classic rock fanfiction recommendations. Eventually, I hope it’s a go-to place to find multi-bandom fiction of the classic variety, particularly for the more obscure band fics out there.

How it all started: I noticed that a lot of classic rock fans overlap in the bands that they like... and I also noticed that a lot of classic rock communities are defunct. I thought that if there was a community out there that supported all classic rock bandoms, it would be a way to promote the band fic we love and want to read about in a place that would be less likely to become defunct if we all united.

What’s allowed:
-- fan fic links
-- fan art links
-- introduction posts
-- classic rock news

What constitutes classic rock? I'm going to say that the band had to be formed at least 25 years ago, which means before 1986.

What's NOT allowed:
-- posting stories directly in this community (Instead, post a link to the story.)
-- posting artwork directly in this community

Please check out our full Posting Guidelines

Here are a few simple rules:

1) Please follow this format when posting a rec:

Subject line: Fic: Title, Art: Title, News: topic, etc

Warnings: (optional)
Why you should read this:

Gen, het, slash are all welcome, just make sure to label appropriately!

2) Tags are mandatory. The only way to find fic for the band you want is tag every post. If you don’t see the tag you need, please ask! I will be happy to add it.

3). No bashing.

That’s it! Questions? Please PM me!

I am looking for moderators! If you are interested, please contact onewest72 at one.west72 at gmail


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